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Staff Member Positions
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Office Staff  
Brad Andrews Principal
Daniel Hobbs Assistant Principal A-L
Cynthia Williams Assistant Principal M-Z
Kristi Slate
Counselor A-L
Rikki Morrow
Counselor M-Z
Maria Gonzalez
Attendance Clerk
Debra Herring
Lyssa Ridlehuber
Pam Martin
Lauren Speed
Amy Wright Librarian
Jeanette Ybarra Cafeteria Manager
Lisa Minton Support Services
Teaching Staff - English and Reading  
Teresa Randall 6th Grade ELAR
Chandria Edwards 6th Grade ELAR
Erica Fritz 6th Grade ELAR
Jean Jones 6th Grade ELAR
Amanda Manuel 7th Grade ELAR
Mandy Carter 7th Grade ELAR
Ryan Essl 7th Grade ELAR
Tina Autry 7th Grade ELAR
Rakel Brandt 8th Grade ELAR
Kara Nielsen 8th Grade ELAR
Glenda Anderson 8th Grade ELAR
Teaching Staff - Math  
Kathie Armstrong 6th Grade Math
Troy Rhodes 6th Grade Math
Miranda Janssen 7th Grade Math
Melanie Coleman 7th Grade Math
Stephanie Rieper 8th Grade Math
Kyle Nielsen
8th Grade Math
Teaching Staff - Science  
Tony Jurkash 6th Grade Science
Kaitlyn McCrory 6th Grade Science
Brandi Domkowski 7th Grade Science
Karen Bennett 7th Grade Science
Susan Sayen 8th Grade Science
Hayley Newsom 8th Grade Science
Teaching Staff - Social Studies  
Robin Brown 6th Grade Social Studies
Russ Lackey 6th Grade Social Studies
Lisa Minton 6th Grade Social Studies
Brittany Butler 7th Grade Social Studies
Valerie Fell 7th Grade Social Studies
Dusty Knotts 8th Grade Social Studies
Chris Gonzales 8th Grade Social Studies
Teaching Staff - Electives  
Rae Whitehead Art
Mike Huffstetler Choir
Charity Mullican Theater Arts
Maria Craig Career and Technology Education
Lacy Hobbs Career and Technology Education
David Ingram Band
Armando Vera Band
Paul Jaso Band
Mary Verbeck English As A Second Language
Teaching Staff - Physical Education  
Patrick Kirby Athletics/7th and 8th Boys PE
Tyrone Crawford Athletics/7th and 8th Boys PE
Janson Davis Athletics/7th and 8th Girls  PE
Cheyenne Gibson Athletics/7th and 8th Girls  PE
Paige Granberry Athletics/7th and 8th Girls  PE
Teaching Staff - Special Education  
Andria Bone Content Mastery
Don King Inclusion
Jacquey Taylor Inclusion
Vicky Hill Modified English
Jennifer Lehman Modified Math and Science
Priscilla Gaines Behavior Unit
Candace Petricca Inclusion
Pamela Olson Content Intervention
Elizabeth Winn Content Intervention
Amparito Ramirez Library Assistant
Grant Nelson
In School Suspension Facilitator
Madeline Trevino
Special Education Assistant
Brittney Webb
Special Education Assistant
Charlene Andrews
Special Education Assistant
Donisha Voner
Special Education Assistant