ID’s are to be worn at all times.  If you forget to bring your ID, you must come and get a temporary each morning outside the office.  Don’t forget to wear your ID every day! Consequences begin tomorrow. Do not give us an attitude if you are asked about your ID.  You MUST wear it at all times that you are in the main building…. ALL times!

Football tickets:

Football tickets will go on sale Friday for the Waxahachie game this week.  Tickets are $3 for students and $6 for adults. You can pay with cash only! Try to bring to the exact change if possible.  They will be sold during all lunches only on Friday!

Friday night high school game requirements:


Coleman Chiefs, Friday nights are an exciting time in Waxahachie with high school football games, volleyball games and the like.  With the excitement comes expectations. If you plan to go to a ballgame please know that you MUST have your ID to enter the game.  You must have a ticket or be with the coach on the list for athletes. You must sit with your parents or in the junior high section.  You must stay put, not roaming back and forth. And, please know that if you misbehave in any way your ID will be taken and you will receive consequences the next day.  You could lose your right to attend ballgames. Show that Coleman pride and the Coleman Way and follow all expectations. We are proud of our Chiefs!

Flag Club:

If you are interested in being part of the Coleman flag crew, go by room 124 to pick up an application. And, if you wanted to help roll out the big flag at the field tomorrow night and you were a flag club member, you MUST see Mrs. Brown today!


Attention Coleman Chiefs! As of right now our Coleman yearbook is at its lowest price of only $25 until Friday ,September 13th!

Order forms will be handed out during advisory tomorrow and are also located in the library and front office. OR you can buy yours now at!


Come out and support the Chiefs at football or volleyball tonight but don’t always have to have your ID for all games… including junior high.


"JH golf will practice Coleman JH on Monday, not at the WaxCC"



The new relaunch has begun.  If you’ve already turned in the golden ticket, you can do it again and get more prizes.  Have mom and dad go on and check to make sure your stuff is right and get another ticket.  Several prizes will be awarded next week...


The library will be open for students from 8:00 until the bell rings.   


Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday will be for 7th & 8th graders.  Students will need a pass from the cafeteria to come.  Students will be allowed to check out books, read, do homework and study.  Once students come in the library they will not be able to leave. 


Thursday & Friday will be for 6th graders.  The students will get a pass from the FAC.  Students will be allowed to check out books, read, do homework and study.  Once students come in the library they will not be able to leave. 


This is not going to be a social gathering place to just visit. Quiet study groups will be permitted.  IF you need to use the computer to finish a project, DCA etc., you will need to have a pass stating what the you need to do and the date the student will be in the library in the morning.  


Pictures will be this Friday.  We know you’ll be looking good!  Whoo hoo… go pictures.

Pink Out:

Because pictures are Friday, Pink out Coleman style will be Thursday.  Paint your face, hair, have some pink out fun. Let’s stand with all those who fight Cancer.

Celebrate Freedom:.

  •         Celebrate Freedom Week is this week.  In observance, we will have a different trivia question each day.  To answer the question, find the posters in the hall that have the Preamble to the Constitution on them.  They are located in the main hall near B Hall, near the choir room and in the hall leading to the cafeteria.  Next to it is a paper with a QR Code. Scan the code, fill out the information and submit your response. 2-3 lucky students will win a prize each day.  Here is your first chance to win!! Today’s question is:
  1.   Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness are considered what type of rights?
  2.   Unalienable                   b. Natural       
  3.   Religious                       d. Bill of Rights