Reminder…. IDs are to be worn around your neck or on you chest … VISIBLE … at all times. No exceptions. If you do not wear it all day every day, you could be assigned morning or afternoon detentions. Every time you have to go to get a temporary sticker adds up. Understand that even after you purchase a new id you will still have the number of violations you have acquired. It does not start over.  All day every day wear that id and bring it to school or you will be in violation of the id policy and subject to consequences ranging from before and after school detention to ISS. Beginning today, If any adult has to ask you for your id, your name will be taken and you will receive detention or ISS consequences.


Reminder… your phone MAY NOT be out in the hallways.  It needs to be out of sight and no earpieces in your ears at any time.  Again, if adults see it, we will be taking them up and they will be gone for the day.  You have been informed of the rules multiple times … Time to step up and be leaders and lead by example … no phones.

Lunch procedures:

If you are not sitting at your assigned table during lunch, you WILL receive a lunch detention. Also, be sure to check the table and floor for trash.