Lisa Minton

Welcome to Coleman Junior High!
I'm excited to be part of the inaugural staff of Coleman Junior High and happy to work toward making our namesake, Evelyn Love Coleman proud!  When speaking to Ms. Coleman about how she wanted her school to be run, she said that she wanted all kids to feel welcome and successful.  That is part of my job at Coleman Junior do just that!  I will wear many hats at Coleman, but the most important one is I am to serve you and your child and be the liaison to help meet any and all needs your child may have.  I'm here to be part of the team that will assess your child's abilities and disabilities and help design a program to get your child to that ultimate place of success. I know that each child has the ability not only to learn but be successful! I will work tirelessly to see that each child finds that place of success and with your partnership, I know we can make that happen. If there is anything I can do to help serve you &/or your child, don't hesitate to call or email.  I know how special each and every child is. It is my pleasure to serve them....and you!
Lisa Minton
972-923-4790 ext. 320165
Student & staff services
Coleman Volunteer coordinator
Student council teacher