Miranda Janssen 7th Grade Math

Hello my name is Mrs. Janssen.  I will be your 7th grade math teacher as well as 7th grade honors math teacher.  This will be my 6th year teaching at WISD.  I taught math enrichment for 3 years at Finley Jr. High.  This will be my 3rd year teaching general education math.  
I have earned my Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in Education from Texas A&M University - Commerce.  I love teaching math and showing how it applies to every day life.  I look forward to helping you become outstanding mathematicians. 
I am married to a great man named Nick.  We have 3 kids together, Lucas who is 10, Ariana who is 6, and Zane who is 3.  Along with being a teacher, I am also in the Navy Reserves. 
1st: 7th Grade Math
2nd: 7th Grade Math
3rd: Advisory
4th: 7th Grade Honors
5th: 7th Grade Math
6th: 7th Grade Math
7th: 7th Grade Honors
8th: Conference - (3:11 - 3:55)
Tutoring will be available upon request.  
Feel free to contact me via email at mjanssen@wisd.org or if you need to talk to me you may call the school (972) 923-4790.