Student-athlete self-symptom check information


During the upcoming school year, our goal as WISD Athletic Department, we will be taking steps to make sure your child is as safe and protected as possible. In an effort to achieve this goal, we are requiring all athletes seventh-grade to 12th-grade, to download the RankOne Public/Parent App from the App Store (iPhone), or the Google play store (Android). The app is free. 

The purpose of the app is for athletes to perform a self-symptom check daily before practices. If the athlete does not perform the self-check, he/she will not be allowed to participate in practice, or in the game that day until the self-check is completed. The self-check cannot be done the night before. It is a daily check. This allows the Athletic Training staff, and our coaches to stay up to date on how the athletes are feeling. In setting this standard, our department realizes that athletes do forget, but we feel this is an important step in maintaining a safe environment.

Instructions on how to download the app and how to answer the questions will be found at the end of this document. 

In addition to the app, we are requiring all athletes to bring their own water bottles/coolers to all practices and games. We will provide water for refilling, but with the pandemic, athletes will not be allowed to drink from/share water bottles as we have in the past. We will have some cups available, but supply is limited.

Treatment time will also look different this year. Due to limited space, only four athletes will be allowed in the Athletic Training Rooms at a time. In order for an athlete to be evaluated by the Athletic Training staff, they will be required to have an appointment. Appointments can be scheduled online. Appointments will be in 15-minute increments and will consist of evaluation and home exercise programs only. These programs will be emailed to the athlete by the end of the day of evaluation. 


Athletes will log on to Pick Time, choose a location (football and middle school athletes at Lumpkins; all other athletes at WHS), choose a provider (there will be one per location), and then pick a time that is available at that location. Preventative and/or recovery treatments will be limited to foam rollers, stretching on their own, and massage tools for a limited time. Each device must be returned for disinfecting before another athlete uses it. These types of treatments will be done by the athlete in the IAC at the high school, and in the weight room at Lumpkins Stadium. Cold tubs will not be available for use unless a heat-related issue has occurred.

If you have any questions, please email.

You cannot schedule your child’s treatment time by emailing me. It must be done through Pick Time. We, as a department, understand this may be difficult, but in order to keep everyone safe, we feel this is our best option at this time. 



WISD Athletic Training Staff


RankOne Parent/Public App

1)     Download the RankOne Parent/Public app from the App Store(iPhone)/Google Play store (Android)(White App...Not Blue App)

2)     Create an account with an email

3)     Verify your account through the email you used to create the account

4)     Sign-In to the App

5)     Click add student and add your child’s details.

6)     Next click on the health tab

7)     Select COVID-19 screening form

8)     Answer the 2 questions and sign your name at the bottom. Click Submit.

9)     Complete form daily before workouts.

Picktime - Appointment Scheduling

  • All athletes will need to schedule an appointment to be seen by an Athletic Trainer (barring any emergency situation) 
  • Appointments will be 15 min evaluation sessions 
  • Athletes will be given home exercise programs to complete rehabs 

Appointments will be scheduled online.

  • Appointments will be conducted at the High School and Lumpkins Stadium during normal treatment times 
  • Junior Highs will have on-campus appointments (only for kids without transportation to Lumpkins) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am - 10:40 am
  • Students and Parents can access Picktime through the link, QR codes, and we will work on getting a widget on